Go beyond web conferencing

Grouputer’s advanced meeting facilitation software helps teams collaborate on solutions to complex problems in high performance virtual and face-to-face meetings.

“Grouputer meetings help us with our vision, direction and capability planning. It helps us track triggered thoughts, prioritize key focus areas, deep dive and capture information and action planning for key issues.”

Innovation Capability Strategist
Global energy enterprise

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Latest Topics

  • High performance meetings – part 4

    Idea generation using text input has proven to be a major benefit in face-to-face and virtual high performance meetings in situations where group members have limited skills in the spoken language of the meeting. In these situations cultural barriers can be a source of embarrassment and limit discussion and interaction between members, putting at risk...

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  • High performance meetings – part 3

    A major challenge in virtual high performance meetings is creating an environment that promotes active interaction between work group members.  While these interactions are taken for granted in face-to-face meetings, they require special tools, techniques and processes in virtual meetings.  Promoting interaction in high performance meetings Despite their success, web conferencing tools tend to focus...

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